October Newsletter

Picture1The October Newsletter is up!  Put those halloween costumes to good use this year and join us at our Halloween Party on October 24! We will have games, food, crafts, candy, and more!

Don’t forget to check out all our other events, such as movies, book discussions, knitting, StoryTime, travel club, and all the other fun programs.

We also want to announce that we have relabeled all of the books in our adult non-fiction stacks.  Instead of browsing and searching through the stacks looking for a Dewey Decimal number, you will find full fledged categories.  So, instead of 973.3 to talk about WWII, you will find those books under History / World War II.

New Library System and Online Catalog!

We’ve now merged with 427 libraries, and you have access to over 10 million items, including books, DVDs, BluRays, video games, audiobooks, and more.  An easy way to search for these items is right here on the website: you can click the Online Catalog link above in the menu, or simply type in a title, author, or subject in the box to the right (under “Search the Catalog”) and click Go!  You can do this from the library or anywhere you have internet access.

We can how put items on hold for you, or you can request items in the comfort of your own home using the online catalog. If you need further assistance with using the online catalog, you can watch a short video tutorial of it.  Alternatively, we can help at the library to help find what you want.